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is linux kernel getting android compatibility good news for linux desktop?
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Posted by Poko the Gorilla on 2012-03-27 11:35:42

I'm no super techie but I use a linux distro on my pc at home and use it about 99% of the time over Windows. Is android compatibility a big boost for linux desktop?


When the news of Android compatibility was announced, I immediately heard from Android developers who saw this as an opportunity for their applications to run on the Linux desktop.

Obviously, there's going to be plenty of applications designed for Android that won't run on Linux because of the X window system. In the long run, however, I think that there'll be plenty of cool Android applications that will run on Linux without much tweaking at all.

So why does this matter? The answer is simple – more software means more choices. And more software choices translates into more newcomers to Linux, attracted by familiar software titles they already enjoy on their Android phones.


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