That ESPN/Chris Haynes Article re Warriors being upset...

Not one source identified, not one quote from a Warriors representative who actually indicated that they were upset with the way that KD was treated by the Thunder organization during the last trip to OKC.

Article is just click-bait. I mean, why not issue that article immediately after the last game? Of course, the timing of the article is strategically done so that it would create a lot of discussion. Similar to Ethan's story on "Golden State's Draymond Green Problem"...that was issued right before the season started, even though the references within the article occurred over the course of the several months before. We knew most if not all of those facts from that story for quite a while.

If you turn on local or national radio programs, podcasts, ESPN shows, etc., they're making it sound like someone from the Warriors organization is complaining about the OKC Thunder RIGHT NOW. Hayes' article has no recent info or quotes whatsoever. It's all from unnamed sources from over a month ago.

ESPN is creating drama that doesn't even exist. Seems like this par for the course for ESPN when they cover a super team.
Posted by: uwe blab (11495) on 17-03-20 10:11:53

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