Maybe Ezeli is progressing better than we think. Because they don't....

Seem to be in any hurry to sign up another big...instead filling the roster with two guards and a wind this off season.

I like the addition of Barbosa and Rush....both cheap and potentially solid vets. Could be good up side and should allow rest for starters.

The bench should definitely be improved over last years.

But I still think we need another big man. Maybe because I'm not much of a Speights fan? I have heard that Speights has dropped weight and should come into camp in better shape.

Maybe they feel like Ezeli is in the right place now and he's gonna be able to play decent minutes. They must also feel that Kuzmic is progressing and he can play a few minutes as needed.

Let's be honest.....based on how things are playing out, we will probably see a ton of wmallball center Lee. More Draymond and Barnes at 4.

I'd still like to add a big and if they do its probably ONeal.
Posted by: mylie10/webberscurse (11815) on 14-08-28 08:25:25

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