NBA free agency 2014: Do the Golden State Warriors need to make another big move?

Last week, the Warriors acquired Shaun Livingston. Livingston wasnt a highly touted free agent the way Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are, but nonetheless a solid acquisition as a complementary player for the Warriors.

But was it enough? The Warriors ownership has made it clear that they intend to compete for the championship next season and in order to do that, they may need to make another big move.

Western Conference Competition

Last season, it was arguable that eight of the best 10 teams in the league resided in the Western Conference and even with their 50 wins, the Warriors were only seeded sixth in the conference. At best, the Warriors were a sleeper pick for the West - a dark horse amongst all the star-studded casts in the conference.

With the return of injury-ridden big men Festus Ezeli and Andrew Bogut and the addition of Livingston, the Warriors will undoubtedly have an upgraded roster. But when comparing them to the likes of the Oklahoma City Thunder or Los Angeles Clippers, they still dont stack up. They certainly have the talent in place to make a run, but the likelihood of fending off three ultra-competitive Western Conference opponents to make it out of the West is slim.

Over-Dependence on Curry

The San Antonio Spurs have been glorified by the basketball community in the months following their dominant postseason run that led them to the 2014 NBA championship. Their tactics have been dissected and every little nuance of their strategy has been recognized and admired. One of their tactics that significantly contributed to their playoff success was resting their stars over the course of the season.

The Warriors are guilty of over-reliance on their star player Stephen Curry. But for good reason they cant always afford to rest him. Curry is the centerpiece of the Warriors offense and without him on the floor, they suffer. He can create his own shot and has an array of creative ways to score, but also sees the floor and excels at getting his teammates involved.

In a potential deep postseason run, the Warriors would need to be find a way to refrain from overworking Curry in order to ensure his durability. What this means is that they could use another dominant offensive threat, one they can rely on even in Currys absence. Based on their unwillingness to give him up, it appears that the Warriors believe Klay Thompson will develop into a player that can fill this role, but a player like Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves could pair with Curry to form a lethal duo and make the Warriors contenders immediately.
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