Does anybody really think Klay Thompson is going to stop us from trading for Love?

It's all posturing. And the ball is in Minnesota's court. They need to decide if, when, and how much to ask for.

When it comes down to it... I still think we have the best offer on the table even without Klay.

Minnesota's in no hurry to throw in the towel and go into next season in rebuilding mode.

Only way it benefits them is if they feel they're getting a better deal now than they would at the deadline.

And our reluctance to include Klay, if true, shows that we are in no rush to give them that type of knock your socks off deal.

But I'm sure we would. If it came down to it. I just hope we don't hold out too long and watch circumstances unfold that make another team able to get Love to agree long term and up the ante.
Posted by: willy d (558) on 14-07-08 10:37:34 | Advertiser | Moderator

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