According to this law firm intern on realgm, Melo's attorney's are heading to Chicago tomorrow

Rumor: New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony attorney's are heading to Chicago tomorrow according to different law firms.

Bluewaterheaven wrote:
Hey guys. So I just want to give you a piece of info I just heard. Last year I interned at Steptoe Johnson, a very large global law firm. I still keep up with some people there. A few of the senior partners are season ticket holders, and also do a lot of work with InCapital, which is owned by Tom Rickett, the Cubs owner. Anyway, word is, in the office, Melo's attorney's are heading into Chicago tomorrow. That is all I got.

Vicino wrote:
So I didn't want to be just another Rando with a Source, but my Father and I have relationships with two Sr. Partners at Seyfarth Shaw LLP HQ'd in Chicago: One of the partners called me earlier this afternoon (b/c he knows how closely I'm following the Melo situation) and the other partner confirmed via text that Carmelo's Attorneys will definitely be in Chicago by tomorrow mid-morning. Right now, I am very confident Melo will be a Bull.
Posted by: waazup (14673) on 14-07-05 19:58:29

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