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How does Pau Gasol end up in OKC???!!!???!!!
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Posted by jb on 2014-07-05 12:26:24

"One source described Gasol as "opening up to the possibility" of joining forces with Durant and Westbrook even though Oklahoma City is limited to roughly $5 million in spending cash under the luxury-tax line at present.

Chicago Bulls officials, meanwhile, have scheduled a Thursday trip to Los Angeles to court Gasol, according to sources close to the process.

Sources added that the San Antonio Spurs, fresh off their fifth championship in franchise history, will also get legit consideration from Gasol if he decides he's willing to play for a team with limited funds to spend on him. The Spurs, Thunder and New York Knicks are believed to be the only three such teams Gasol would consider joining in those circumstances.

Chicago's rising interest in Gasol, sources said, is indeed a reflection of the Bulls' concern that -- despite their recruiting efforts Tuesday when Anthony came to Chicago -- they will be unable to pry the All-Star forward away from the New York Knicks."


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