Let's pretend that the reports are true that Minny is going to wait on Melo, Lebron, ect.

before moving Love. I think there is a strong possibility that the Big 3 stay in Miami and that either Lowry or Carmelo joins them. At this point, Minny is probably thinking that Houston, Chicago, and Phoenix will step up to the plate with serious offers for Love.

However, I'm not so sure that the offers will improve that much, or at all, from what they have previously seen from Boston and GSW.

Houston- Any offer Houston makes, if they miss out on the bigger targets, would have to include Chandler Parsons. However, Parsons is a RFA. If teams around the league miss out on the larger targets, I could see Parsons getting some very nice offers from teams...and if he gets nice offers, I really don't see him interested in going to Minny.

Phoenix- The same holds true for Phoenix with Bledsoe...he's also a RFA and reportedly is seeking a large contract. So any deal with Minny would mean that Bledsoe has to decide he wants to go there. All it would take is an attractive destination like the Lakers missing out and deciding to make a run at Bledsoe...and do we really think he would choose Minny over more attractive destinations?

Chicago- Any package Chicago puts together would probably be centered around Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson. Apparently, Jimmy Butler is another guy that's going to want big money and Minny doesn't think he's a guy worth giving big money to.

Having said all that, it's a very real possibility that the offers that Minny got from the W's and Celtics will not be improved upon by much, if at all...and I think the Big 3 staying put and being joined by one of Carmelo or Lowry, could potentially create an excess of demand among teams with cap space (which would help guys like Parsons or Bledsoe pick where they want to go).
Posted by: schlitz (43397) on 14-06-29 16:31:01

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