KFan on Kevin Love

"The Bay Sports Radio 95.7 has just reported that ongoing discussions between the TWolves and Warriors regarding Kevin Love continues today. Warriors know they have to include Thompson and Barnes along with Lee and a 2015 1st rounder. Minnesota has not budged and have been relentless in adding Martin to any deal for Kevin Love.

The addition of Zach Lavine by Minnesota will most likely make this deal happen since Warriors will also ask for Lavine to balance out their roster. However, Warriors are aware that another team in the Western conference has stepped up the Love trade today!!! This team has ample assets in young players TWolves like. Warriors have been told to include Thompson and Barnes or they will move KLove.

It is highly likely the Denver Nuggets after last nights draft (stockpiling assets) and the trade for Afflalo has what it takes to make this trade happen. Warriors have notified TWolves they are serious and will put together a workable deal."

I don't have the link cause I'm banned from there somehow without posting on the board. I tried joining it before
Posted by: Drat456 (59756) on 14-06-27 14:52:40

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