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LMAO, last night saw a Wolves fan on twitter say:
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Posted by StephsShootingCoach on 2014-06-27 10:11:14

I really don't care if we trade Love because either way the front office is going to F*** it Up. I thought - this is how NBA Fan(atic)s of every team view their team's front office.

But then, watch Flip's draft - I sure had to agree with this guy about the Wolves. They sure have a long history of ineptness. Last week Flip was talking about building a winning team so KLove would want to stay; then he picks players who won't help them right away.

It really looks like Flip either has no idea what his strategy is or he already knows Love is going to be traded. BTW, how could he possibly see LaVine and Rubio in the same backcourt. If he is just doing what Jerry West says is best (collect assets), he should have taken the Boston trade for Love.


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