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Pretty spot on take on Love, Warriors, Klay, etc...Andrew Sharp from Grantland...
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Posted by playmaker on 2014-06-23 18:17:01

Where Is Klay Thompson Going?

Apparently trade talks have cooled down between the Wolves and Warriors over the past few days. Depending on where you look, either the Wolves want more than Klay and David Lee, or the Warriors wonít give up Klay:

Just for the record, itís getting tougher and tougher to see which side looks worse here: the Warriors for refusing to part with Klay, or the Wolves for convincing themselves that Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, and two years of overpriced David Lee ($31 million) are enough to make this deal worth it.

If the Warriors are serious about keeping Klay, they win the idiot sweepstakes. Klay Thompsonís just good enough to command huge money in free agency next year, meaning theyíd have to commit to building their team around Klay and Steph Curry long-term. Even if Kevin Love doesnít automatically make them contenders next year, building around Curry and Love for the next few years looks MUCH better. So much better. It doesnít matter if they give up good players like Harrison Barnes to do it, or if they have to take back Kevin Martin.

Theyíd be getting rid of Klay and David Lee, two players who are good enough to command playing time and big money and touches on offense, but limited enough to keep Golden State from ever hitting the next level. In return, they pair Steph Curry with one of the 10 best players in basketball for the next five years. This shouldnít be that complicated.

If the Wolves are serious about building a Love trade around a 2-guard who will be lucky to match Joe Johnsonís production for the next 10 years Ö well, they definitely win the idiot sweepstakes. In fact, the Warriors are probably playing coy with Klay to try to drive up his value over the next week. The more Golden State management acts like it doesnít want to give him up, the more itíll feel like a coup for the Wolves if they can finally wrestle him away. Thatís gotta be whatís happening here, right? And itís gonna end with one of the most one-sided trades of this century? The Wolves are dominating the summer so far.


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