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3 biggest disappointments this season: Barnes and Klay's complete lack of development
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Posted by Bopper on 2013-12-20 13:41:21

Lee's lost jumper, and nobody emerging from the bench unit as a surprise/reliable rotation player to help make up for these shortcomings. Draymond Green should be playing 20-25 minutes a night between the 3 & 4 and Barnes about 15 until he learns to do something other than stand and wait at the 3 point line and post up PG's. Dray can shoot the 3 now too so that post game is about all Barnes has left on him, and he doesn't use it nearly enough. And Green is a better defender at PF than Lee against most if not all opposing 4's. Plus he's a much better fit next to Bogut. Really wouldn't mind giving Curry-Klay-Dre-Dray-Bogut a shot as a starting lineup. Bench scoring won't be a problem with Barnes and Lee, and we still have our 2 best shooters in the starting lineup along with 3 good defenders, and Dray is probably the next best ball handler on our team after Curry and Iggy, sadly, plus he's just a smart player and a leader who busts his ass out there and brings it out of everybody, as well as being a stretch 4 that's ideal between Iggy and Bogut. Lee without that jumper is just a different player offensively.

At least Klay plays better man defense, minus the ticky tack, stupid fouls, and when he gets on and/or is taking good shots he can be deadly from long range.

But Lee's value on offense takes a significant dip without that jumper, and makes him a bad fit next to Bogut on both ends. Barnes just doesn't seem to care that much and doesn't play nearly as physical as he should with his build. And Klay, after looking like a more confident, decisive player and getting results early on, has regressed to last years version.

Without that jumper from Lee or any development from Klay and/or Barnes, the Warriors aren't gonna be the team I thought they could be this year. Lacob clearly wants badly to win though, and has shown he is willing to get creative and be aggressive to make that happen. He said himself the idea of standing pat repulses him, so if they can't right the ship in the next 15-20 games, with no 1st round pick next year, I would expect him to at least try to improve the team.

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