Have to consider trading D.Lee before it is too late.

The way the team is constituted now, it is slow and in-balanced: there is no go to player, no reliable post player, no sufficient defense because players try to hide D.Lee shortcomings there, and a visible lack of athleticism. This all points to/at D.Lee's angle. Use his All Star status and big salary to facilitate the trade that would bring one or few qualities that I mentioned above. Try to go after the players that are in some discomfort with their existing teams due to different factors.
The players to consider: P.Gasol, Al Jefferson, Cousins, J.Smith.
I don't believe the Warriors would get D.Lee straight up for those, add other trading chips.
I'd be happy to stay with the core of Curry, Klay (could consider Gordon if certain that he will stay healthy) and Bogut. Add a legitimate defensive athletic force or a known post player to it, that will solve a lot of issues. Once D.lee fully reverts back to his soft no defense style of play, it might be way too late to trade him.
Posted by: Fandorin (1584) on 13-02-20 03:20:27 | Advertiser

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