Dwight doesn't care about bball.True story,he said his #1 goal when going to the NBA is....

To use the NBA to spread christianity to other players and the world. Now he just seems to care about money. Actually, even before he got drafted and claimed being religious was everything to him he only cared about money. He said, " "I think I can make as much money or even more than LeBron. But it will be up to God for that to happen," Howard said. "If he wants me to market myself, then I'll do it. I'm not trying to give glory for myself. I'm trying to give glory for Him." Either way, winning games isn't important to him. His idol coming to the NBA was KG. He chose the number 12 because it's 21 backwards. His idol calls him a clown. His other idol, shaq, is always shitting on this baby.
Posted by: gswinsider (69) on 13-02-20 01:34:26 | Advertiser
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