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You might be able to get a sense of it from pages 9 & 10
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Posted by Flashfire on 2013-02-20 02:23:50

In Reply to: i think it explains a couple types of defense posted by gswfan4ever on 2013-02-20 02:13:25

It lists percentages of shots faced within 1 foot, 3 feet and 5 feet away from the shooter.

Bargnani's faced 727 shots on that list and they break down as 1.0%, 9.8% and 21.9% within those ranges. That says to me he hasn't been close to the shooter 67.3% of the time, if what I'm reading is correct.

Compare that to Lee, who shows as facing 1269 shots, broken down as 1.2%, 11.3% and 26.5%. That'd be 61.0% of the time not being close to the shooter.

I could be reading that wrong, though.



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