Just some stats... and a little analysis

According to NBA.com/stats

Warriors are:
2nd Worst in Pts off TO
9th Worst in 2nd Chance Pts
9th Worst in Opp Pts off TO
8th Worst in Pts in the Paint
6th Worst in Opp 2nd Chance Pts
Last in % of Pts off TO
5th Worst in % of Pts in the Paint
2nd Worst in Opp FG% 20-24 Ft.
4th Worst in Opp FG% Less than 5 Ft.

With these statistics, it's a little easier to paint a picture as to where some of the team's struggles lie. First, the insistance that this team is an uptempo team is ludicrous. If you look at our points off of turnovers, and percentage of points of turnovers, it is clear that this team just stinks in the fast break. If you think about it, not many of our players are even capable of finishing at the rim. Curry, Klay, Jack would be the first three I can think of, and they are most of the time going to be the guys leading the break. With that said, we did have the highest FG% of any team for corner threes. So we aren't looking for the easy bucket in transition, but rather that corner three (i'm looking at you Klay). So why is it that we continue to have this idea that we are an uptempo team? I hear it a lot from Fitz (I know, he's an idiot). But it seems to be a prevailing idea about the team. They are simply not that kind of team anymore without Monta "Fastbreak" Ellis.

Now, I left off some rebounding statistics that were for the most part positive although of late it seems like we can never get a rebound when we need one. I think our fastbreak hurts so much because our team's philosophy is to keep the guards around to rebound. If you are constantly hanging around the key for rebounds instead of leaking out on the break, then yes our rebounding numbers will be good, but at the sacrifice of capitalizing on the ones we do get.

Lastly, I see an overall lack of hustle plays. I think some of that is a part of our un-athletic roster who simply cannot make those kinds of plays, but we hurt in almost every hustle statistic. 2nd Chance Pts, Opp 2nd Chance Pts, Pts off Turnovers, and I'm sure I'm leaving something else out. I think the team is in some desperate need of some athletes who can compete defensively and make some things happen through hustle and pushing the break. Can we find this on our roster, I think a return of Ezeli would help with hustle and defense. Outside of him, I don't know if we have anyone else that really can change the dynamics of the rotation. We must look elsewhere to get better. I would not mind a trade to get more athletic and push the tempo more effectively.
Posted by: King Cohan (11751) on 13-02-20 00:45:48

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