He sure gets defenses to adjust for him. It would be nice if he could get defenses

to adjust for our other four guys sharing the court with him.

He's not playing like a point guard. It's becomingly painfully obvious that you want him shooting the ball, but we have no one out there getting anyone else involved, hence the reason why Jack plays so much alongside Curry.

To take advantage of Curry's skills and to keep him at the point, we truly need a real star to play alongside him, someone who commands attention, a double team, etc... Our ball movement right now is just awful.

If we can't get that star, and I'm not sure how we can, then Curry at the point isn't going to get us very far. You can't have your point guard be option 1 and 2 each time down the court.
Posted by: gsfanatic1 (10284) on 13-02-20 00:38:58 | Advertiser
In Reply to: He's also the biggest reason the team was good posted by binary on 13-02-20 00:20:32

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