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He needs to come off the bench at this point
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Posted by Lonestar on 2013-02-20 01:16:00

In Reply to: Never was against the trade, even with the injury issues... posted by E-Doh (formerly E-Damp) on 2013-02-20 00:56:20

for one thing, he gums up the starting lineup. And I think Ezeli is a better fit defensively at this point. Also, I think it is psyching guys out to be thinking about Bogut and his minutes and when he is coming in and all that crap. If he's the backup, no biggie. He comes in when he comes in, and he doesn't have to battle the other teams' best bigs on offense or defense, so maybe he can get something going in the post and be worth a damn on the offensive side.

It would also be a chance for them to totally shift gears with the second unit. Really slow it down and grind it out, which would definitely play into Bogut's strengths, and probably the rest of that unit's strengths, too. Work it into the post with Landry or Bogut (if he can do anything) and then pop it back out to Jack or whoever for three if the defense collapses. And make the opponent work for every basket on the other end.

If that doesn't work, then I'd just go back to the rotations they had at the beginning of the year and use Bogut for spot minutes or when guys get into foul trouble. If it does work, then there might be a logical progression to Bogut earning more minutes, but he's gotta earn them.


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