I agree with a lot of that. Curry is playing like a glorified 6th man right now. He's getting

himself going while doing nothing for his teammates. I feel bad for Klay in the respect that other teams are finding easy ways to get wide open three pointers of the inside out variety against us every night.

He rarely gets shots like that. Teams penetrate the key so easily against us, and then all 5 guys on defense collapse into the key leaving open shooters for easy looks. Over and over again. We get zero penetration from Curry.

But people love him because he scores in bunches. I love it too, however I'm staring to see what Barkley was saying and that is Curry ain't a point guard.

And Curry certainly isn't the only problem but he's supposed to be our best player and he's doing nada for teammates offensively and he -like other- consistently gives up penetration which breaks down our defense.

Speaking of defense, if we get beat on the perimeter and they happen to get a layup or dunk off of it, I can live with it. But all we do is have everyone sag off their man and look to help clog the paint. How many wide open threes are we going to give until this changes? Just brutal watching the same thing happen over and over again.
Posted by: gsfanatic1 (10284) on 13-02-20 00:11:37 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Top 5 Reasons We Are Sucking 1. Coaching 2. Klay 3. Terrible D 4. Turnovers 5. Bogut hurt posted by untchble on 13-02-20 00:01:48

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