Top 5 Reasons We Are Sucking 1. Coaching 2. Klay 3. Terrible D 4. Turnovers 5. Bogut hurt

1. Coaching
Questionable rotations and defensive assignments. Failure to call timeout in a timely fashion to reset team. No accountability on defense. Run and gun mentality equals live and die

2. Klay
He just seems to catch and shoot even when he is cold. He needs to recognize that he is not on that night and defer.

3. Terrible D
We have all seen it, this falls on everyone especially Coach Malone.

4. Curry Turnovers
The team for that matter, really careless. Also when they run and gun and they miss the shot - that is pretty much the same as a turnover. Curry is the worst at careless passing.

5. Bogut hurt
This guy has only played 11 games for us and it is painfully obvious that he is not ready who knows maybe never. Damaged goods.
Posted by: untchble (277) on 13-02-20 00:01:48

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