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A couple hair brained ideas.
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Posted by King Cohan on 2013-02-20 00:13:40

Why not bring Klay off the bench? With that first unit, Curry and Lee get most of the shot attempts and Klay can disappear for halfs a lot. The second unit needs some offensive punch other than Jack, since Landry is struggling. He can go microwave for us sometimes and you know he's looking for his shot.

Also, I think Landry's offensive struggles have largely come from the lack of iso's they run for him now. At the beginning of the season, they would throw the ball down to him on the post on most possessions and just let him work. Now that their offense is more dynamic, he seems to get lost in the shuffle. I think he has trouble making those hustle plays in the offense off the ball, and he's not a great rebounder. If he's not used in iso's, he's almost useless.

  • A couple hair brained ideas.  -  King Cohan  2013-02-20 00:13:40 (94 views)

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