ESPN: Bledsoe for Millsap?'s Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein report that the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers have a mutual interest in a deal that would send Paul Millsap to the Clippers and Eric Bledsoe to the Jazz.

"Although two sources with knowledge of the Clippers' thinking insisted during All-Star Weekend that Bledsoe would not be moved in coming days and strongly predicted that L.A. would stand pat, two other sources indicated that the Clippers and Jazz will at least discuss the feasibility of a trade headlined by Bledsoe and Millsap before the deadline," they wrote.

It's a trade that would make a lot of sense for both teams. Millsap will be a free agent this offseason, so the Jazz would make sure they get some good value without letting him simply walk away, and Gordon would give them the long-term answer at point guard that they so desperately need. The Clippers would move Bledsoe, who will be a restricted free agent after next season, and get back a much-needed and versatile frontcourt option in Millsap, who they would aim to lock up to a long-term deal.

Of course, all trade rumors should be taken with a hefty dose of skepticism, but this is one that at least makes a lot of sense.
Posted by: AllWeatherFan (48769) on 13-02-16 23:38:01

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