Exactly. Curry is not great. He is a great shooter. But I would take the glove GP every day of the

week and twice on Sundays. I guess I'm old school that you should be able to defend your position. But Steph can rain his 3's in buckets. Sick its so good.

I say he is not the complete PG but that he is good enough player that we work around him. Nash never played a lick of D yet won MVP.I think Curry could eventually be compared to Nash. We shall see.
Posted by: U-Trains #116 (15553) on 13-02-16 18:48:35
In Reply to: curry can get his 20/7 and people on here will say that's all he needs to do.. but yeah he needs to posted by wavey on 13-02-16 15:34:53

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