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a 2nd year backup guard I wouldn't mind seeing in a Warriors uniform
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Posted by Steven on 2013-02-16 16:35:04

Marshon Brooks. He had a great rookie season, considering where he was drafted (12.6 PPG, 47 GS). But this year he fell out of the rotation, and is going through some growing pains. There's no denying his offensive capabilities, however. As a backup 2-guard, I like him, and he might be able to provide a little extra punch off the bench.

He's supposedly behind 2 other SGs in Brooklyn. His stock is way down and I wonder if we can't get him for a combo of Jenkins and Tyler. I probably wouldn't do Jenkins/Draymond, but maybe I would.

Brooks is a talented player, and could help push Klay a bit. I also wonder how a Curry-Brooks combo might fare, or at least, Jack-Brooks in the 2nd unit.

CJ/Tyler probably not enough to get it done, though. Too bad we don't have a 1st round pick to dangle as well. Brooks would give us an athletic player off the bench that we rather need right now, especially with Rush out for the year. Might the Nets be selling low right now? Sadly, Jenkins and Tyler have done s!@t this year. You figure Landry will opt out... would you deal Landry for Brooks and Reggie Evans? The deal works. Evans is averaging 9.2 RPG in just 22.9 MPG (that's crazy)


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