curry can get his 20/7 and people on here will say that's all he needs to do.. but yeah he needs to

get this shit together. jack is a better leader on the floor than he is.

and our two best players (curry and lee) are our two worst defenders. problem. and when curry is shit on defense it's more about a lack of effort. he just never gets angry.. he's all smiles no matter what.. getting blown out? smiles. humiliated? after the game: smiles and handshakes. misses a big shot? laughs it off with some infamous head hanging.

he's a great player but he's approaching his prime now and i still don't see that fire.. i do see more confidence than he had in the past at some times though.
Posted by: wavey (48901) on 13-02-16 15:34:53
In Reply to: My thoughts.... posted by U-Trains #116 on 13-02-16 14:54:47

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