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My thoughts....
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Posted by U-Trains #116 on 2013-02-16 15:54:47

In Reply to: Trouble in Clipperland? posted by U-Trains #116 on 2013-02-16 15:19:02

Jordan has turned into a pretty decent C. Used to be all D but improved his O and he is a very bad man when it comes to athletic ability.

But motor mouth Chris Paul runs the show. Personally if he gave me s!@t I would slug him in the mouth but I can understand he is trying to do what a PG should do and control the team.

I remember him bitching out Tyler in a exhibition game and Tyler just taking his s!@t. Probably a smart move. But I would have liked for Tyler to stick his finger in Paul's chest and say yo you want a piece of me little man?

Its all persona. I wish Curry would develop this kind of attitude. This is my show my team and I will run it just like CP3 does.

The W's are talented. But where is the leader? I think Bogut sences that and tried to step up. Hell no one else is taking the reigns.

When I was in high school I played football (Soccer). I was good. Every one on the team knew it. But beyond that I tried to lead by example. Yes my shitty little AYSO days and then CYSA which was a level above.

Point is you can't declare yourself as a leader. People teammates with either follow you or your example or not. Its not forced its just the way that it is.

I think the W's lack a leader. A true identity. Steph is too passive IMO. If Bogut wants to step into this void then why not? I love the fact that he is taking ownership of the defense.

You want to play with me than you better step up your D bitch. You better be accountable and not expect me to "help me help me" when you get beat. Man up and be accountable. WTF is wrong with that?

I'm sick and tired of being a candy ass licking team. The W's have to get tougher. If someone punches them in the mouth they should fight back.

They have to get down and dirty. Nasty or else they will never win in the playoffs. Its not a secret its just the way that it is.

"Nobody does that kind of stuff," Myers said. "I think he's grabbed onto that identity. It's huge that he embraces it, because we need it. Every team needs it. I can tell you that any team in the NBA would love to have him, because all he does is help you win."


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