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Who can really hate on Steph?
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Posted by U-Trains #116 on 2013-02-16 14:28:49

In Reply to: Surprised I don't see more haters commenting about Steph losing the 3 pt competition. posted by Argentina Warrior on 2013-02-16 14:12:49

Every girl wants to take him home and make him her cuddly teddy bear. I picture Steph painting some bitches toe nails. He is so sweet.

I wish Steph would have the Gary Payton mofo attitude. Here I come bitch try and stop me if you can. But nobody could.

Someone labeled Steph as the baby faced killa on this board and could not agree more. If had a different persona he could be almost dominant in certain aspects of the game.

Steph with a killer attitude would be something to see.

"Nobody does that kind of stuff," Myers said. "I think he's grabbed onto that identity. It's huge that he embraces it, because we need it. Every team needs it. I can tell you that any team in the NBA would love to have him, because all he does is help you win."


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