Who can really hate on Steph?

Every girl wants to take him home and make him her cuddly teddy bear. I picture Steph painting some bitches toe nails. He is so sweet.

I wish Steph would have the Gary Payton mofo attitude. Here I come bitch try and stop me if you can. But nobody could.

Someone labeled Steph as the baby faced killa on this board and could not agree more. If had a different persona he could be almost dominant in certain aspects of the game.

Steph with a killer attitude would be something to see.
Posted by: U-Trains #116 (15553) on 13-02-16 13:28:49
In Reply to: Surprised I don't see more haters commenting about Steph losing the 3 pt competition. posted by Argentina Warrior on 13-02-16 13:12:49

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