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too bad. jw is an all time dunker, yet i dont think he's won in HS, college or nba
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Posted by smash on 2013-02-16 14:12:25

In Reply to: dunk contest had potential until james white missed the 2nd free throw line dunk he attempted posted by youngvirgin on 2013-02-16 13:46:16

doesn't get his chance in the limelight until he's 30 and probably has lost a step.

chuck/reggie/jet's jabs at him (he's tired running down the court, he's tired cuz he finally getting playing time, the limelight was too much for him, etc) were both hilarious and a little sad to hear, but they made a good point during one of evans' attempts. you work on your jump shot, you probably stick around the nba earlier and longer and thus get more chances at stuff like dunk contests.


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