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Ok, so now I'm concerned
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Posted by The Maestro on 2013-02-12 22:54:02

I'm not in full panic mode like some people but I'm a little concerned about not only our poor defense but our overall effort in general.

I thought for sure we would beat Houston but not only did we lose but we got rolled. Lee and Curry are just unbelievably bad on defense. Landry as well. And while this isn't an earth shattering observation, it is disheartening to see them getting worse every game.

And Mark Jackson is getting badly out coached game after game. And you can tell he has no idea what to do when you listen to his worthless post game comments.

I still think we'll make the playoffs but they need to start playing with a sense of urgency and a lot more effort.

  • Ok, so now I'm concerned  -  The Maestro  2013-02-12 22:54:02 (102 views)

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