I tend to agree

James is a physical specimen and can do everything that MJ could do in the air but with a whole lot more force. Just think about it, the dude is builty like Karl Malone but can float through the air like MJ and throw is down as hard as Shawn Kemp...gross

The only 2 areas in which I give MJ the edge is the midrange game and the mental aspect. LeBron's got a history for coming up short and not being the closer that MJ is known to be but maybe all that changes now that he's won his first.

MJ didn't become the killer that we all remember until he got beat to shit by the bad boys and the same can be said for LeBron with the C's. People tend to remember MJ for all the titles he won but bursh aside all the losing he had to do before he won. Oh yeah, getting Pippen on his team helped a lot. Just like LeBron with Wade/Bosh.

This year that LeBron is having could go down as one of the top 5 greatest of all time. He's frontrunner for MVP, in the conversation for DPOY, and could even possibly be MIP. Yes, he's gotten that much better.

Dude just makes it look so damn easy and can be anyone he wants to be out there. Perfect example is last nights game. He wanted to be Magic so dude dropped 6 dimes in the Heat's first 8 possessions. Then the team needed him to be a scorer and he carried his squad like vintage MJ. Then they needed him to shut it down on defense and dude was everywhere from guarding the PG on the perimeter to being the weakside defender at the rim.

The guy is so damn good it's ridiculous. I love MJ as much as the next guy but LeBron has taken it to a whole different level in terms if individual play.

I don't know if LeBron will win as many titles as MJ, in fact I highly doubt he will. But good Lord this guy is definitely well on his way to becoming the best basketball player of all time.
Posted by: gellibeans (11175) on 13-02-12 17:54:07
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