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I'm not so old. I only really saw Jordan from the early 90's onward.
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Posted by whack jack on 2013-02-12 18:06:02

In Reply to: The only real good argument I heard for Jordan in these threads was that... posted by buzz on 2013-02-12 17:21:31

The thing about him is that you (plus his teammates and his opponents) knew he was going to win if the game was within reach. Whether it was him scoring 15 in the 4th, making a big steal, kicking it to an open teammate, or taking that final shot, it just felt like the game was in hand when he was going for it. He was just that much more of a competitor and that much more focused than anyone else.

You don't average 63 wins and collect six titles over a seven year period without being a VERY special leader and player.

I think Lebron can win six more titles, but he'll have to get more focused and be willing to take the game over like he did in the EC Finals and NBA Finals last year.

He's young, so I believe he'll become more wise and perhaps become an MJ like performer by the time he hits 30. Just as long as his body holds up, which is asking a lot of a guy that is 260lbs.


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