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The only real good argument I heard for Jordan in these threads was that...
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Posted by buzz on 2013-02-12 17:21:31

In Reply to: LeBron = better athlete/dominant performer...Jordan= better scorer/winner... I love Lebron though. posted by whack jack on 2013-02-12 17:05:59

...he had killer go-to move in his fallaway.

LeBron is equal or better in pretty much every other area, including dunking.

I just think people have a mythologized view of the guy. In the games I watched, it was a free throw parade vs the Knicks in crunch time, rather than Jordan hitting big shots for the most part.

Also, Jordan would have been equally hated on the internet in the first half of his career. He was an entertaining sideshow, but more on a Nique level than a Bird/Magic level. Win a couple, everyone swinging from your balls, even if you didn't change as a player. Seeing the same shift with LeBron right now, in fact.


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