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No time to panic.
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Posted by U-Trains #116 on 2013-02-12 15:30:28

In Reply to: You can't say the team is 30-22 nothing to panic. Bogut isn't with the team most of time. posted by alonzo on 2013-02-12 15:17:31

Look that was a tough 4 game road trip and it should not surprise anyone they did not win especially since Jack was out for 3 games and Bogut missed 2.

Tonight's loss was disappointing but some teams give others trouble. Houston matches up well against the W's.

The break is coming at a good time. 30 games left with 18 at home and they should still hang on to the #6 seed IMO. Maybe even move up to #5.

"Nobody does that kind of stuff," Myers said. "I think he's grabbed onto that identity. It's huge that he embraces it, because we need it. Every team needs it. I can tell you that any team in the NBA would love to have him, because all he does is help you win."


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