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Everybody was soft last night, bulls just played harder and like you said we need Bogut back vs
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Posted by ☺cráshbránman™ on 2013-01-26 02:52:26

In Reply to: Last night was exactly the kind of game we could have used Bogut. Lee was charmin soft posted by gsfanatic1 on 2013-01-26 02:37:33

strong centers. Noah stood out the most to me because his cuts to the basket were killing us. His offensive rebounding along with Boozer and Jimmy Butler killed us too. I was most disappointed in Barnes. On a night were we needed someone else to step up it woulda been nice to have a big game from him, but he did't want to shoot at all.

Our Curry, who arts in splashing,
Hallowed be thy 3,
Thy Draymond come,
Thy games be won, on Earth as it is in Oakland.
Give us this trey our daily lead,
And forgive us for our poor passes,
As we forgive those who poor pass against us,
And lead us only by a few points,
only to be delivered by Threesus. Klaymen.



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