Not Barnes. Butler scored 1 basket on Barnes, and that was on the back pick, alleyoop pass

You know, the play they've run for Barnes twice this entire year. Other than that, when Barnes was in the game, Buler did very little except a layup on a fast break after a Lee turnover and he was guarded by Klay once and Klay was out of position when Butler received a pass from Noah.

Point is, Butler did most of his damage when Barnes was sitting.

Barnes defended well, rebounded in his limited minutes. Had one great look 2 minutes into the game that rimmed out and every other shot opportunity was a forced one due to catching the ball from a teammate with less than 5 seconds on the clock. If that's not how you remember it, go watch the game again.

This game was lost by Curry and Lee. Their numbers were the kind of hollow numbers that sort of look good but do nothing in terms of helping us win. In fact, they were just plain awful in this game.

But who sits? The rookie.

I ain't complaining because we are winning more than losing, but for people to suggest he needs to do more on offense, rewatch the first half of tonight's game and tell me what he could have done. He had 2 really nice assists where he created for teammates and 1 other regular assist from throwing the ball in. But I'd love to hear what he could have done differently, because he's just not getting the ball in any position to do anything with it.
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