Barnes barely even played. Our main three guys didn't perform at all in the first 6 minutes so

Barnes sat for nearly the rest of the half.

Like I said below, I want Barnes more aggressive too, but he just never has anything run for him at all. When he touches it, he's rarely in position to score. Our offense never sets him up.

And we all know creating his own opportunities is not his strength now. So it's going to take a teammate to set him up. And that just rarely happens.

This ain't changing for awhile IMO. Hes an afterthought right now, and it looks like he's settled into thinking he's just that.

If you want him to get more opportunities, bring him off the bench and then go to him in the post or have him curl around picks moving towards the basket and get him the ball.

None of that is happening with the starters.
Posted by: gsfanatic1 (10284) on 13-01-25 12:08:26 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Barnes was +7. I'll say one thing...he sure ain't a ballhog posted by Warriors in 2014 on 13-01-25 12:02:34

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