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Video: LeBron James tackles bulls fan to celebrate $75,000 half-court hook shot lol
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Posted by The prodigy on 2013-01-25 12:34:34

In Reply to: West joins Mavs' affiliate, won't play for Dallas, strange Cuban move.. posted by The prodigy on 2013-01-25 12:28:47

A fan named Michael Drysch nailed a half-court hook shot during Friday’s game between the Pistons and Heat in Miami, winning $75,000 and the right to be tackled by NBA MVP LeBron James in celebration.

The right hand hook shot swished straight in, earning an ovation from the AmericanAirlines Arena crowd and a bear hug from James that sent the two of them tumbling to the ground with excitement.

The $75,000 shot was sponsored by and Carmex, according to Fox Sports Florida. The Miami Herald reported that Drysh, 50, is a Bulls fan.

Drysch told Fox Sports Florida that he was ready for his big moment by working on his hook shot in advance.

“I’ve been practicing. First, I was doing this and this and that wasn’t working.”

“It was great to make the shot and have LeBron coming to say Hi nice to meet you.’ He said, ‘Great shot.’

The Heat beat the Pistons 110-88, improving to 28-12 on the season. James finished with 23 points, seven rebounds, seven assists and one steal in 33 minutes.


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