Funny thing is that if you look around the NBA, who would you rather have at each position that is

even remotely realistic. I'm talking about big trades not backup dudes.

Sure, Lebron in free agency 2014 but i don't like his schtick anyway.

Maybe Batum for the short term instead of Barnes. That would be like the only possible trade i see when i look at entire nba.

What else?

Put it this way, i wouldn't want Rondo over Curry!
I wouldn't want Dirk or Pau or Josh Smith over D. Lee.
I wouldn't want Rudy Gay period.

Perhaps Afflalo or other similar shooting guard instead of Klay but then again, Klay defended Parker and Westbrook incredibly well and his defense only looks weak when he is forced to play small forward. Klay will average 19 ppg by next year and his shooting %'s will improve as well. So, all of those Klay haters are dead wrong and they are especially wrong about his defense.

And who would you rather have at center other than a healthy Bogut. Tyson Chandler and then nobody else?? Noah is similar to Bogut if Bogut is healthy.

So for the first time in 25 years I really don't even think about trades for us and where we need to improve. I'm finally happy with our roster and i can just root for the team to win game to game.

Our team is awesome to root for as we have what seems to be great guys, great chemistry and truly in the process of building a contender if guys continue to gradually gel and improve.....

Now, it just comes down to little details and NOT a trade. Sure, we might make one but i really don't see many possibilities.
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