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One NBA coach says it's possible GS gets shut out tonight per Scott Howard-Cooper
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Posted by New Warriors on 2013-01-24 04:23:20

"A note of potential concern for Warriors fans hoping to get two All-Stars when the reserves are announced tonight:

While a case can be made for Stephen Curry and David Lee to both make the West squad, I know of one coach who says it is possible Golden State will get neither and be shut out.

I don't think that happens, but interesting that one of the voters sees the potential. One issue is that Curry and Lee could cancel each other out as coaches try to pick one as the most deserving Dubs rep. Another is that while Curry should be 1 and Lee 1A, Curry is viewed as having the tougher path because of the candidates at guard compared to Lee's competition in the frontcourt."

It's possible if most coaches believe GS only deserves one all-star. You could see the coaches decision being split right down the middle. I think both have done enough and GS has done enough for coaches not to see that way. OKC win may have clinched it had the votes not already been in


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