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ESPN: Long-term potential of young stars (Curry)
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Posted by AllWeatherFan on 2013-01-24 00:37:34

10. Stephen Curry

Most Likely Comparable Career Value: Mark Price, Baron Davis
Best Case: Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson
Worst Case: B.J. Armstrong, Lindsey Hunter

If Curry can keep himself healthy and in the lineup, he'll likely finish with a terrific career (you could do a lot worse than ending up like Davis and Price), but there's just enough uncertainty to make his best-case scenarios securely in Hall of Fame territory and drag his worst-case scenarios down as well.

The grand lesson? Don't be overconfident in how young players will pan out. While each of the players on our "25 Under 25" list is likely to go on to a good career, there always remains the possibility that things will not work out as planned.


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