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6 games into this killer 10 game stretch and the Ws are 3-3.
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Posted by The Black Falcon on 2013-01-23 15:59:54

I said I would be happy with 4-6 and OK with 3-7 and that was before I knew Curry was going to miss 2 games and play another hurt, and Lee was going to miss 1 game and play another hurt.

Now I think anything less that 2-2 on this 4 road games in 5 nights trip will be a disappointment.

Looking at the upcoming schedule after the road trip, both Dallas and Phoenix at home seem winnable, but then the Ws hit another killer stretch of @Houston, @OKC (back end of b2b), @Memphis and @Dallas (back end of b2b and 4th road game in 5 days).

The schedule lightens up a bit after that, but still 6 of the next 9 are on the road. Only in March do the Dubs get a real respite.

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