OT: Why didnt Teo visit the grave site in Nov when ND played USC?

If your love of your life had died, and you are very religous, the grave site is sacred. Don't you think that Teo would have gone to the site in Nov. to her grave. Torrance is near the LAX airport where the team would have used. Teo story of him finding out in Dec. is another lie. He had to know before. The team had to know, or they would have pushed him to go visit the grave, due to the huge publicity it would have carried. The funny thing is, no one in the press has caught this detail, or asked. You would think with all the people covering this story would have asked that simple question. There is more to this story and maybe this hoaxter will bring light to this sad pathetic story of lies.
Posted by: newwera2010-11 (10354) on 13-01-23 02:14:54

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