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Hornets to announce Pelicans name Thursday and reveal uniform and logo. Weird to do during season.
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Posted by The Golden One on 2013-01-22 16:48:25

José Luis Molero ‏@jlmolero

@Hornets247 RT @EmilioPeraltaNO El sr. Benson (dueño de ambos equipos) piensa que Pelicanos representan esta zona: somos sobrevivientes de huracanes, derrames, inundaciones

@Hornets247 RT @EmilioPeraltaNO @hornets se llamaran Pelicans. Anuncio sera en arena el jueves a 3pm. Gov. Jindal estara presente

translation from his tweets

"I just finished a meeting with the Hornets-Saints [organization]. It's official. On Thursday, they will announce the change of the name and show Pelicans logos and uniforms. The Hornets will be called the Pelicans. The announcement will be at the arena on Thursday at 3 p.m. [Central Time?]. Governor Jindal will be present."


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