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LOL... 17 game win streak was BS? pretty much nonsense
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Posted by boxdog337 on 2013-01-22 08:24:40

In Reply to: i dont feel like anyone except for the thunder are for sure better. call me a homer but i think once posted by wavey on 2013-01-22 07:50:29

I don't think you could ever call a 17 game win streak BS. Or their schedule for that matter. They've played 23 playoff teams and won 16 while the Dubs have played 21 and won 12. They also play well on the road at 13-6 compared to W's 12-9. I'm a big time W's fan and I don't believe for a second they are capable of winning 17 straight even if they played that same schedule. W's matchup well with the Clips the same way Sac and Orlando match up with the W's. Does that mean Sac and Orlando are better teams?


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