I love it how people will label us "homers" for even having this debate

What the heck else are GS Warriors fans supposed to talk about?

Obviously Steph has a long way to go before he's considered the greatest of all-time at anything.... he's only had a couple semi decent years so far.

But... I will admit the kid shoots lights out in a way that I've never seen, at least on the Dubs, during games, and that's the most impressive part.

Anthony Morrow was pretty legitimately solid. He would flick his wrists and it would make the net swish almost identically every time, which I thought was pretty damn incredible.

But when Steph sets his feet he seems to have Morrow like talent in the sense that he makes the exact same motion every time and the ball seems to go through the hoop in the same way (even when he misses it looks like it has the same trajectory usually), and he also seems to be mentally strong enough to make them consistently and in high pressure situations.

The sky is the limit for Steph. As far as shooting you can just see he knows he can be as good as any human ever has been, and I think becoming the greatest three point shooter of all-time, and using that to win a championship, are exactly what Steph's goals are.
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