Will Stephen Curry end up being known as the greatest 3pt shooter of all time?

It's doubtful Curry is ever a truly elite 2 way player but his 3pt shooting just keeps getting better. At the rate his career is going he could end up having a season where he shoots 50%+ on 3s and makes 200+ of them. It would in fact surprise me if he didn't. In fact, he's on pace to hit a whooping 250 3pt shots this year, which is pretty close to the record(267 by Dennis Scott).

Who does he have to pass? Reggie Miller? Ray Allen? Steve Kerr? Outside of his ankle problems badly shortening his career I've got to figure he has chance to eclipse these guys to become the all time great.
Posted by: Xaq (11338) on 13-01-22 07:15:11

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