Loved Clips game for reasons you mentioned

Clips absolutely destroyed them the last meeting. And I did not use the phrase "absolutely destroyed" lightly. They not only beat the Warriors, they were clearly intent on humiliating them. Sending the message "you aren't even in our league. We don't even consider you a competitor."

Interestingly, I understand that a couple of Clips made comments to that effect even after yesterday's game.

What I like is that from the get-go yesterday, the Warriors played as if they belonged. They did not appear intimidated in the least. Even when Griffin beasted on them early, they didn't quit. Even with both Curry and Lee in foul trouble (on some questionable calls in my view) they did not quit. And, ultimately, they prevailed.

As Gordon Ramsey would say, "Well done!"
Posted by: KDP (428) on 13-01-22 02:29:31
In Reply to: well, I was wrong. Thought this team would wear down this month with the schedule getting tougher posted by rick barry's rug on 13-01-21 21:15:17

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