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In hindsight...great deal....BUT.....
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Posted by rem rehab on 2013-01-21 23:02:20

In Reply to: Still think it was incredibly dumb to give one of our best trade assests at the time (AR) for... posted by DK510 on 2013-01-21 18:34:49

The reality is the 3 players we traded...could not have had much worse luck after the deal.Turiaf and Azu, good players, didn't get over injury issues as expected. Azu,in particular..could have been starting had he come back as expected.. AR...who had terrific upside..pretty buch got abandoned by the Knicks. He finally got some action and some success with the Wolves,but with Love at PF..he was never getting time there. They SHOULD of used him at C rather than Darko...turned him into a M Camby.

You can't ASSUME the worst case..or best case.


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