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the theory about NBA basketball is that coaches matter little (maybe swing you 4 or 5 wins)
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Posted by Next Generation, Silicon Valley Superstar on 2013-01-21 16:18:07

In Reply to: But seriously friends, this Laker Fail... it's for real, right? posted by Carla Beefcurtain (Warriors Superfan since 1984) on 2013-01-21 15:49:59

but that it's a league built on individual talent.

that being the case, (and I know they're an older team) lets be honest... how could anyone have seen this big of a fail coming?

Howard might be less than 100%, but he took a crappy Orlando team to the finals not that long ago.

Gasol looked great during the olympics.

Nash never relied on elite athleticism to be a great pg. He should have been just fine this year and next (before he really starts to lose a step).

this whole thing is Kobe. it's so obvious that it's scary how little it's being talked about right now.

the Lakers are 11 and 3 in games Kobe takes less than 20 shots.

thats amazing.

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