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They'll grab a WR in FA and likely draft one, too.
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Posted by JoeDaddy on 2013-01-20 15:11:15

In Reply to: Looking SuperForward...What should the Niners do in the upcoming draft? posted by kali warrior on 2013-01-20 14:21:46

Mannngham's contract allows them to cut bait early and he aint gonna be ready unil week 12 or so next season...meaning they've got to find both a #2 and #3 to start the season. Jenkins becomes the wild card as the possible #4, assumingly.

They'd love to find future replacements at CB and DT, but likely only have the early round assets to target one or the other.

As always, do what you can targeting talent and need in the early rounds and mine prospects/hunches past round 3 and below.

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